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Headwall Grilles, Rye East Sussex

Project Year: 2011

The Project

A bespoke solution was required in Rye to protect two river outlets complete with outlet valves. The area around the valves had to be clear of rubbish to maintain their correct operation and hence prevent flooding. Unauthorised access had to be prevented but at the same time easy access to the valves by maintenance personnel was critical.


The Players

Clancy Docwra were appointed the contractor by Southern Water and they in turn entrusted Durey Castings to design, manufacture and advise on installation of the grilles. Previous experience in this area played a large part in our selection and success on other contracts in the same field gave us a head start on the design.


The Products

The resulting solution were shaped galvanised grilles, 3.5 metres wide, bolted to the top surface of the head walls, tails that protruded below the normal water level and hinged & locked access hatches to Facta AAA loading.


The Postscript

Clancy Docwra appreciated the fully detailed installation instructions which clearly indicated positions of the different angles of each grille to be fixed. Southern Water appreciated the fully detailed maintenance and operation instructions that were provided. But most of all, all parties really appreciated the speed at which the solution was provided.

The grilles are functioning perfectly and will continue to do so for many years to come.