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Dartford Bridge

Project Year: 1991

The Project
Dartford crossing consisted of two tunnels, one North bound, the other South bound. In 1990 the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge (known more commonly as Dartford Bridge) was commissioned as one of the first ever Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project.

The work would be completed in 1991 and offer a one and a half mile toll controlled river crossing, the first to be built across the River Thames in 50 years, at a cost of £86million.

The Players
Dartford River Crossing Limited, under the Dartford-Thurrock Crossing Act 1988 was awarded the PFI construction project and consisted of Atkins, Egis, Skanska and Balfour Beatty. Durey Castings were added to the limited approved supply chain and was asked to cast the gully chute connectors to collect the water from the road surface on the bridge and also to provide the heavy duty gratings to sit above the chutes.

The Products
The gully chutes were required to suit a 600x600mm grating and never existed before that time. A quality assured long lasting design was approved by the contractor and a tight deadline was met with ease. They were supplied and cast into short bridge sections that were fabricated off site. Each complete bridge section contained the steel supports, concrete base, built-in drainage (chute, heavy duty grating and piping), and part of the road surface and was delivered to site ready to be bolted in place with all the other sections to create the total structure. It was the first time this kind of construction had been tried in the UK.

The Postscript
This project was ground-breaking, not only in the way it was fabricated in sections off site but in the selection of never used before products. All supplies from Durey Castings were delivered strictly to the customerís schedule and amazingly (considering the fact that the chutes were of a completely untried design) every item fitted into the structure with perfect precision. Over 50 million vehicles a year use the crossing and have proved that PFI can be a very successful method of constructing essential structures.