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Our products are used in all areas of the construction industry - including housing projects, major roads, motorways, tunnels, bridges, docks, airports, petrol stations, schools, hospitals, prisons, pedestrianisation schemes and shopping centres. Take a look at our case studies. We are proud to have been associated with the following major projects:

Transport for London's entire network; Trafalgar Square Refurbishment; LU Refit; The Channel Tunnel and Rail Link; The Beautification Project in Gibraltar; Telephony Networks throughout the UK and Europe for BT, SSE Telecoms, Vodafone, ZAYO, COLT, Level 3, Virgin Media, G.NETWORK, Thus, Torch, Interoute, euNetworks, Verizon, etc; Wembley and Emirates Stadia; Bluewater, Lakeside and Westfield shopping centres; Dartford bridge & tunnels, Belmarsh, Chelmsford, Rochester, and other prisons; the M1, M2, M3, M4, M11, M25, M26, M40 and A2 emergency communication networks; Traffic Signal and Street Lighting networks throughout the South; all sites for the 2012 London Olympic Games: CrossRail: all the Cycle super highways in London: and UK Power's network in London.

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