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Channel Tunnel & Rail Link

Project Year: 1992

The Project
The Channel Tunnel runs beneath the English Channel and is 31 miles long, linking Folkestone in Kent with Coquelles near Calais in France via a rail system. It was devised as a joint UK/French venture as a means to carry high speed Eurostar passenger trains and Eurotunnel Shuttle roll-on/roll-off vehicle transport.

Ideas for a tunnel appeared as early as 1802 but construction eventually began in 1988 and the project was completed in 1994 at a cost of £4.7billion. It consisted of two rail tunnels and an all-important service tunnel in between. 

Durey Castings were selected to supply the locking access covers and frames for the service tunnel.

The High Speed Rail Link closely followed to link London with the Channel Tunnel via a new rail network. Durey Castings were again selected to supply the enormous duct runs above the cable housings along this new route.

The Players
Channel Tunnel Group consisted of two banks and five construction companies (the latter group known as Translink Joint Venture). All five construction companies came to Durey Castings individually and as TJV for their access covers.

The high speed Channel Tunnel Rail Link construction companies (6 in all – mostly joint ventures between British and French companies) each came to Durey Castings for the recessed duct cover runs that were designed and tested on a state of the art CAD system.

The Products
Locking ductile iron covers & frames and sealed & locking galvanised recessed duct covers, shaped to suit complicated and long runs with corners and angles, were fabricated under the full control of Durey Castings and supplied on time during unsociable hours. Every run fitted the corresponding cable duct perfectly.

The Postscript
The Channel Tunnel and its Rail Link is still considered an incredible feat of engineering. It aids travel, communication and business. All made possible because of products supplied by us. Durey Castings was selected because of their trusted reputation for getting supplies right on-time, every time. We also have a safety record second to none.