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Our CLIM-8 Rules

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Our CLIM-8 Rules

14th April 2022

Durey Casting’s CLIM-8 Rules

At Durey Castings we worry about the condition of our planet. We worry about our impact on it from our day to day operations, the long term effects of our purchasing and delivery policies and the pollution we may cause. Any part of our business could affect the climate over time, leading to serious sustainability problems in the longer term.
To lower the impact of our operations on the planet, and therefore climate change, we have created CLIM-8, a set of eight rules to work by.

1) We will only purchase from suppliers that share our determination to reduce climate change and can usually use recycled materials in their products
2) We will reduce pollution caused by our distribution network by use of electric vehicles, LNG vehicles and the latest Euro engines
3) Our despatch department must keep delivery journeys to a minimum by consolidating loads, better route planning and tracking
4) When meeting with customers, where possible, staff must conduct this online
5) Our yard staff must reuse and recycle wooden pallets and minimise the use of plastic film
6) Lighting throughout our properties must be totally switched to LED by the end of 2022
7) Staff must use reusable cups and other equipment
8) Glass, plastics, paper, wood, metal and electrical waste must be recycled at the correct facilities

During 2021 we supplied product to the industry containing at least 1,600 tonnes of recycled material. This recycled material is mainly scrap metal, scrap glass and old rubber tyres, keeping tonnes of scrap out of landfill or otherwise polluting the planet.

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