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A Review of 2021

17th December 2021

Review of 2018

As another year comes to an end we look at what happened in 2021, the highs and lows, the winners and losers, and what's likely to happen in 2022.

Uncertainty over Brexit still lingered with dificulty in getting some materials and procedures hindered sales to Northern Ireland. Brexit was also blamed by some for the driver shortages we experienced too.


However, this was all 'small fry' compared to the impact of Covid 19. This year was the first full year affected by Covid rules and restrictions. Some building projects were postponed and staff were often working form locations that did not best suit efficient trading.

In contrast to these problems our industry seemed to rise to the challenges very well. Prices went through the roof, but was generally available if you were prepared to pay for it.

During 2021 Durey Castings increased their sales by around 30% to nearly £10 million. We kept our stocks flowing, paid the price increases, and kept staff where they were most effective.

Sales increased in 4 key areas.

Sales in the area of Utilities increased dramatically. Fibre and BT sales up. Electricity, Gas and Water sales up. TV, CCTV and data network sales up.

General highway sales including refurbishments.

The other big increase was in the area of Local Authority sales. A large jump in Durey specified products, many unique to ourselves, resulted in a jump in supply to councils, Transport for London, ports, airports and especially cycleways.

Sales were also up in Bedding mortars, rapid setting concretes, instant tarmacs and paving grouts.

Durey Castings would like to thank all its staff for the tremendous effort they put into making 2021 another very successfull year.

Our Flood Protection product division had a number of high profile successes this year too. Targets for sales of flood products were smashed. If you'd like to know more about these products contact our Fareham Office on 01329 448135.

So what should Durey Castings expect in 2022?

We predict that the Fibre roll out will continue to grow and more brick-built designed chambers will be replaced at specification stage with composite chamber designs. The use of Shimpac will expand as the benefits are becoming clear to all, HS2 build will accelerate and hopefully the Oxford Street pedestrianisation will finally get approved.

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