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New Guidance Document released by TfL

27th April 2017

London Streets

Transport for london has released a new Guidance Document for the selection, supply and installation of access covers and gratings on the TLRN (TfL Road Network).

As usual, Durey Castings Limited are fully up to date with these new requirements and already stock the units you will require to meet these new specifications.

In brief, but not exclusively, the new guidance calls for:

150mm deep covers and frames to be used on TLRN

150mm deep gratings and frames to be used on TLRN

E600 rated covers to be used in wheel line, D400 elsewhere

Units to be third party UKAS tested to either EN124:1994 or EN124:2:2015.

All frames to be able to be fitted with threaded level-adjusting devices offering a range from plus 15mm to plus 50mm.

Ironwork to be bedded using a bedding material to HA104/09 which can be used in all weather conditions, including rain, and that gives a minimum compressive strength of 30MPa (30N/mm2) after 1 hour, and a minimum tensile strength of 5MPa (5N/mm2) after 3 hours.

DUREY CASTINGS LIMITED already offer a choice of competitive units that meet these specifications, from stock. Call our sales office for more information.

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