Kessel valve

Kessel Backwater Valves

Product CodeOptionDimensions DepthWeightLoadingMaterialHeightWidthRecess DepthDiameterInner Opening DimensionsOuter Opening DimensionsLockingOver Hinge Plate DimensionsWaterwayNo. of SegmentsDesigned to BS1247Kerb ProfileCBR Puncture ResistanceElongationTensile StrengthPore SizePermeabilityRoll Size
DU73100110mm dia
DU73150160mm dia
DU73200200mm dia

The Staufix Backwater Valve features free hanging vertical flap(s). These ensure that a building's gravity fed waste water or sewage flows freely outwards through the valve, whilst simultaneously preventing any back up into the building. All Kessel Backwater valves are manufactured from ABS plastic, and tested to conform to BSEN13564. Sizes available: 100mm dia 110mm dia 125mm dia 160mm dia 200mm dia For pumped solutions, we offer the Kessel Pumpfix F Backwater Valve. Find the Pumpfix product range on this site.

  • Protection against flooding for all below ground areas
  • Quick and easy pressure testing (remove plug, screw on funnel and test)
  • No rust - ABS tough plastic construction
  • No tools required. Unlock and remove by hand
  • Stops rodents with the Stainless flap that is retro-fitable
  • Conforms to BSEN13564
  • Spare parts available
  • A pumped version also available - PUMPFIX